Pinion Property Management, Inc. is a Corvallis, Oregon based company committed to cost effective management of investment properties, enhancing both the property owners’ value and the tenants’ living experience. We maintain a large selection of properties both single and multiple unit buildings in a range of prices to suit the needs of the tenant. Our central office is located on Monroe Street in Corvallis for convenient access by Corvallis renters and remote offices are available outside Corvallis for those units that are outside the immediate area.

Enhancing Tenants’ Living Experience

Enhancing Owners’ Value

We ensure that a wide range of properties are available to match with the tenants’ needs for cost, quality and availability of appropriate living units.

We respond to tenants’ needs for routine repairs of property, move in/out processes and transparent financial transactions and records.

We maintain open and accurate financial transactions and reporting through the use of professional software products designed for the property management industry and maintained current with all state requirements and business needs by a major software vendor.

We employ and develop people who are dedicated to the overall success of the property owners and who operate according to our written business processes and practices.

We perform the critical match of tenants with the available properties with the intent of satisfying the tenants’ need for a positive living experience and for ensuring the properties are visible in the market as a competitive value to minimize vacancy rates.

We maintain a quality team of contract maintenance service providers who protect the owners’ investments at competitive rates with timely response.

We manage the overall business in strict compliance with Fair Housing law, standard financial accounting practices and with other government regulations, protecting both the tenants and the owners.

About The Owner, Paul Pinion

Paul is a Corvallis native and graduate of both Corvallis High School and Oregon State University and is a licensed property manager. Paul started the property management business in (1993) after brief stints as a teacher in the Salem School District and as owner/operator of a coffee shop on Monroe Avenue. Paul is active in many facets of the community and enjoys the connection with the property owners and tenants that is offered by this successful business. His current project of renovation of the University Cleaners building on Monroe Ave. has provided his business with an ideal location as well as space for a new and exciting retail business on the street...

Our Pinion Property Office Team

Kris McHuron-Guss
Office Manager
Jeannie Schoper
Rhonda Poppe
Maintenance Coordinator
Juli Pugh
Rental Specialist
Kira Williams
Office Assistant



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